The best start for a growing family begins with proper nourishment when expecting, providing your baby with nature's perfect food, breastmilk, and introducing foods that help form a robust palate.

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Early Childhood Childhood

Petra provides the foundation for healthy families through:

  • Family Nutrition Counseling
  • Breastfeeding Support
  • Food Aversions/Allergies
  • Proper Introduction of Foods
  • Food Phobias
  • Autistic Disorders
  • Pre-Diabetes/Diabetes
  • Childhood Obesity/Weight Loss
  • Physical Education

Petra Colindres MA, RDN/LD, IBCLC offers unique nutritional support to help meet the needs of your growing family where you’re at now. With her background as a family dietitian nutritionist and board-certified lactation consultant, Petra makes sure that your children and family have the nutritional support to flourish.

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